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Howling Chickens at the FIRST LEGO League Peninsula Qualifier

Danell Mackey
Howling Chickens at the FIRST LEGO League...

Congratulations team #24226! These 7 youth won the Core Values award, and will be advancing to the Semi Finals in January 2019.

The judges had this to say about the Core Values award: “This teams number one presentation brought them to the top of the “pecking order” with their clearly laid out and “egg”septional gracious professionalism. Give a howling round of applause to team #24226 Howling Chickens!”

The Core Values award: “This award recognizes a team that excels across the Inspiration, Teamwork, and Gracious Professionalism categories. This team displays extraordinary enthusiasm and spirit, knows they can accomplish more together than they could as individuals, and shows each other and other teams respect at all times.”

Congratulations team #39569! These 4 youngsters won the top award for their Research Project, and came in 3rd overall in the Robot Game (out of 18 teams!).

For their award the judges said: “This teams three dimensional approach to their solution sent them into deep space but despite their name, and being new to the competition, they were not afraid of the big tasks they accomplished. Their results were a howling success. Sizes may be small but their voices mighty, congratulations to team #39569 Howling Chickens!”

The Project award says: “This award recognizes a team that excels across the Research, Innovative Solution, and Presentation categories. This team utilized diverse resources for their Project to help them gain a comprehensive understanding of the problem they identified, develop a creative, well-researched solution and effectively communicate their findings to judges and the community.”

The whole Howling Chickens team, with coaches and mentors.


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