Scenes from competition day

Danell Mackey
Scenes from competition day

Ike Banks is 4-H Proud

The Howling Chickens passed out “FLL Bingo” sheets to kids, inviting them to find things like “a team name with bot in it”, ” a Justin Bieber fan”, and “a four leaf clover” (hint, it was the 4-H logo!)

A huddle before judging sessions!

“The Pit” is where all the teams display their projects, play games, and socialize. The Howling Chickens teammates were happy to see peninsula friends from competing teams in the pit!

Howling Chickens #39569 table in The Pit.

Lining up the rookie team, getting ready to compete in the Robot Game.

Lining up for the veteran team.

Kaleigh and Lhotse at the field table

Ollie and Andre at the field table

Johnny and Ike at the field table

Zeke and Ike, at the field table. This was Zeke’s first year on the team, and Ike’s second year.

Evan and Timothy at the field table

Ike and Lillian dancing between robot games!

The fun is never ending!

Team #39569 accepting their award for Research Project!

Team #24226 accepting their award for Core Values!

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