Howling Chickens at FLL Semifinals

Danell Mackey
Howling Chickens at FLL Semifinals

Scenes from FLL Semifinals in Seattle!

The morning took the students through many rehearsals to prepare for their 3 judged presentations. 
All were thrilled to be given the opportunity to compete at the amazing Amazon Doppler building! Superb audio-visual crew, beautiful facility, and helpful staff made the event a treat for all.

The morning at a FIRST LEGO League competition is a mixture of waiting and excitement. To help pass the time the team practiced with their bot, and put together an “FLL Bingo” game and invited other teams to participate. Even astronauts got in on the BINGO game!

What else can we say about this venue and event? Impromptu dance parties, jumbotron, and an announcer who Hoooowwllls the team name!!!

Their first turn at the competition table the team ran into a challenge. Their robot went haywire! A large motor failed.
This is where teamwork, communication, and perseverance kicked in. Rather than feeling defeated, they took their robot to the pit to swap out parts, worked the problem, and went back to the competition table with confidence. 
FIRST LEGO League is not about robots; it’s about students learning to tackle big problems. And these Howling Chickens did that.
Congratulations team #24226, for bringing your gracious professionalism and being among the top 20% in the state! And congratulations to all of the teams moving onto state finals!

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